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What should monitoring reports identify

What should standard Oracle production database daily/weekly monitoring reports have?

On a daily basis, I check for the following, normally first thing in the morning:

1. Is the database up and running?
2. Is the listener up and running?
3. Are there any errors in the Alert Log that need my attention?
4. Is there plenty of disk space available for my Archived Redo Logs?

On a weekly basis, I check the following:

1. How has my instance been performing this week? I might look at Statspack reports.
2. Do I have enough room for my tables to allocate their next extent(s)?
3. Are my segments close to maxextents?

On a monthly basis, I check the following:

1. What are my trends for capacity planning?

Those are the basic things I check for. Each instance is a little different so I may modify my list for that specific case.

This was last published in October 2003

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