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What should end users do about security?

what should an end user do to configure the security mechanisms of Oracle?

The end user should not do a thing to configure the security of an Oracle database. That should be entirely up to the Database Administrator. Let me ask it to you this way, what should the general public do to ensure the safety of my house? The answer is that I should be responsible for the safety of my house. If I left it to the general public, someone is going to do some damage or steal items from my house. Similarly, left unchecked by the DBA, the end user will probably end up doing damage or stealing data from the database.

It is one of the DBAs primary reponsibilities to ensure that the database is adequately secured. This is quite a topic ranging from stopping hacks, to encrypting data, to ensuring that only required individuals have access to and the ability to change data. The DBA should be well versed in all aspects of securing the database and the data inside.

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