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What should I study after Oracle 9i training?

What should I do after completing my Oracle 9i training? What is the latest in the market and what should I do in an advanced course?

Currently I'm doing Oracle 9i and completed with fundamental 1 and in further time I will be completing the entire Oracle 9i DBA course, but after that I'm planing to do advance DBA. Can you please suggest as to what I should do after completing Oracle 9i? What is the latest in the market and what should I do in advanced course?
The latest version (just announced release) of Oracle is 11g. Oracle 9i will not be supported much longer. If you have a choice, I would suggest starting your training in at least 10g. Once you go through the basic training, which advanced course or courses you take will depend on what your skills and job requirements dictate, neither of which I could advise you on at this point. The best advice I can give you is to not get ahead of yourself. Instead of rushing into something advanced, I would wait until you go through basic training and get some good quality experience before picking an advanced path course.

Hope this helps.

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QUES: I have completed Oracle 9i with the certifications. I want to enqire what should i do next in order to complete any project whether alone at back end or using front end language(PHP,JAVA,LiNUX).which front end language should i do . any one please help