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What's a perpetual licensing policy?

This is regarding the licensing policy. I have a perpetual license, does this mean that it is independent of the number of processors my server has? And if I have a RAC environment, do I have to buy a license for each node I keep adding?
A perpetual license is one that doesn't run out. You can legally run this Oracle database forever. Oracle does sell licenses that are not perpetual (or they did in the past). This type of license simply meant that after your license period was up, you either had to renew the license or you had to stop running your instance. A perpetual license has nothing to do with the number of processors on your server.

If you are using RAC, then you do have to buy a license for each and every node.

As with any licensing issues, it is best to discuss these topics with your Oracle sales representative. They have the final say.

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