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What it takes to be an Oracle DBA

You said "if you have what it takes" to be in an Oracle-related career, say a DBA. Can you be more specific on this point?

Hi Michael,
This is in response to your answer to a question. You said "if you have what it takes" to be in an Oracle-related career, say a DBA. Can you be more specific on this point? Where I stand right now is I have fair enough knowledge about databases, SQL, PL/SQL. And I want to establish a career in DBA (currently working on ASP/SQL application maintenance). I am undergoing training on Oracle 10g database administration. What exactly would you say I would require to be a good junior DBA? Do you mean sound knowledge of basics in relational databases? What else?

Thanks in advance.

Having "what it takes" refers to many things: Your ability to understand the concepts of relational databases, having the passion and drive to learn, being able to withstand the stress of being on call 24x7, the ability to handle multiple tasks at once, having the special knack for solving problems, the ability to explain and communicate difficult concepts in layman's terms, etc.

There are already two great articles you can read on SearchOracle which can be found under Topics:Oracle Topics:Jobs and Training:Oracle DBA Jobs . The first, "So You Want to be a DBA," is an interview with Robert G. Freeman and the second, "On Becoming a DBA," is a very detailed article by Craig Mullins on the subject. I will also be posting a new article next week that discusses some of the additional things you will need to do be a successful DBA.

This was last published in June 2007

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