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What is your opinion on third party rapid extract tools?

You answered last time about using Oracle SQL*Loader to import text files into Oracle. What is your opinion on third party Oracle rapid extract tools like WisomForce FastReader that unload Oracle tables into text files? Why is there no way in Oracle itself to quickly extract into text (like from csv format, for example)?
I feel that any tool that can improve performance is one that should be considered. There are numerous third-party tools that help Oracle to become even more efficient. Exactly how each product performs its task would make an interesting research paper. I assume that Oracle often needs to make a decision on what features they are going to include and a fast unload feature must not be a current priority, so the market for one exists and companies fill this need. I understand this may not be the answer you are looking for, but I suggest you attend an Oracle event and talk to the people who build and are intimate with the product that can provide you insight on methods that can help improve your extraction performance within the base product.

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