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What is the best way to migrate data from Teradata db to Oracle/SUN?

What is the best way to migrate data from Teradata db to Oracle/SUN?

I'm not sure about Teradata, but I do know that Oracle has a Migration Toolkit available on Technet for a variety of database platforms. You can start by looking there.

Otherwise, you have to figure out a way to extract data from one db and put it into the other db. This is done with one of two methods. The first method is to use any tool which will let you extract the data into a flat file and then use SQL*Loader to load the data into the database. The other method is to custom write a program which can connect to both databases. This is most often (but not always) done in Perl using DBI to connect to both db's. Then data is pulled from one system and simultaneously pushed to the other system.

Any migration from one vendor to another can have its difficulties. You may run into a datatype that is supported by one vendor and not another. Or your old application may be using vendor-specific technologies. All of these issues will have to be explored and sorted out before your conversion will be a success.

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