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What companies have switched to Oracle's Linux support?

Have you heard of any specific companies who have actually made this switch to Oracle's Linux support plan?

Interesting podcast, especially the segment on Red Hat vs. Oracle.

I've spoken to people at Oracle who say that there are customers who have switched out of Red Hat and into Oracle's Linux support. However, they cannot provide specific company names. I was wondering if you've heard of any specific companies who have actually made this switch. I think that finding and speaking with some of these companies will be central to answering your (and my) question, "Will people actually sign up for Oracle's Linux support?"

I do know of at least one company that has switched, but I am not at liberty to say who that is. At this time, I do not have a feel for how well this will work out for those who have switched. The facility I work in has no immediate plans to make the switch. We are taking a "wait and see" attitude. We'll let others figure out if the switch was good or not before we pull the trigger ourselves.

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