What are the best PL/SQL books?

Read Oracle expert Dan Clamage’s recommendations for PL/SQL books that allow readers to gain a basic understanding of PL/SQL, along with other places to find PL/SQL resources.

I have a very basic question. Could you recommend a good PL/SQL book for someone with some SQL experience, but...

not a lot? I've been in IT for 25+ years, have coded extensively in RPG and COBOL, somewhat in .NET, C#, C+, XML and Informatica, and I am now wanting to gain a good understanding of PL/SQL. I appreciate any suggestion.

One of the better PL/SQL books is written by Steven Feuerstein: "Oracle PL/SQL Programming," fourth ed. published by O'Reilly. It's very readable and explains things well. He also wrote a Workbook book full of practical problems for you to hone your skills on (if you're not getting enough challenging exercises at work).

Oracle Press also has a good PL/SQL book written by Scott Urman. Be sure to get books that at least take you up through Oracle 10g.

As always, Oracle puts all of its documentation online for free at OTN. You should peruse and have at least a passing familiarity with the official documentation. That's how I learned PL/SQL originally!

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