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Web-based tool to manage information in hosted Oracle database

Do you know a web-based tool where I can manage the info in my hosted Oracle database? I would like to have Graphical Interface to import (from different sources), massive update based on a criteria, or export.

I've never used any Web-based Oracle DB administration tools. I do know that some out there exist though. The best one that I've seen really isn't web based. It is accessed through the wireless internet on a PDA (running Palm OS). This product is called Pocket DBA. Oracle used to provide some Web-based admin tools in their WebDB product. This product has now been replaced by Oracle Portal. I'm not sure if this still retains the Web-based admin functionality of its predecessor. Aside from that, you may be able to find some vendors that do produce a product that you are seeking. But you'll have to search the Web for them.

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