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Was OPatch applied successfully?

How to know that OPatch was applied successfully or not on a database?

How to know that OPatch is applied successfully or not on a database?
Generally speaking, opatch will output error messages to the screen when applying a patch if it encounters problems or conflicts. If you did not see any errors displayed while applying the patch and the last message on the screen was that opatch succeeded, then you can be fairly certain that it completed successfully. You can, however, view log files that are created by opatch. Prior to running opatch, you should have created a hidden directory under $ORACLE_HOME called .patch_storage. This is where opatch will create log files each time it runs, even if only running an 'opatch lsinventory' command. Failing that, you could run an 'opatch lsinventory' command at any time to determine whether the patch shows as being installed.

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