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Version numbers explained

I need to know the version control system Oracle follows. For example, what does Oracle Ver stand for? Basically what changes fall under which .0.3.2? I need to know the configuration management procedure, i.e. which change would go to which level of the dot. For example, a version change from to would mean a logical change on the basic Ver 8. What would a GUI-level change reflect as? I think they go up to four places (

The version number is actually composed of 5 digits:

Eg: where:

  • 8 is the Version
  • 0 is the Release
  • 3 is the Patchset
  • 1 is the Patch number
  • 1 is the Build number (Internal use only)
So, to go from to you would be upgrading to a new release. Patches and Patchset contents (i.e. a list of everything included in that particular patchset) are available on Metalink ( http://metalink.oracle.com). Your company should have a CSID (Customer Support ID) for your purchased version of Oracle so you should be able to use that to login to get all that info.

Each Oracle product will follow this scheme for versioning. So, if you're using a GUI tool (like Enterprise Manager or Oracle Forms), the GUI would not change physically unless there is a version or possibly a release change.

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