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Utility that reads from a USB port

How can I read data from a USB port in Oracle and load the data to a particular table in the Oracle database?
There are no utilities that read from a USB port, per se. Rather, devices that contain data that are connected to a USB port generally appear as a disk device to the machine. For instance, if I connect an external hard drive, a memory stick, or even a digital camera to my PC's USB port, this can be accessed by referencing the F: drive on my system. Your drive designator may vary depending on your configuration.

Once a drive has been established, you will need to know the format of the data. If the data is in a flat file, then you can use Oracle's SQL*Loader utility to load the data into a table. If the data is in an Oracle dump file, then you can use Oracle's import utility to import the data. If the data is in a MS Access database file, then you can export the data from MS Access to the database through an ODBC connection.

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