Using the WHEN_TAB_PAGE_CHANGED trigger

Could you explain how to use the trigger WHEN_TAB_PAGE_CHANGED? I made a tab form with many tab pages, and I would like to help the user when he presses on the tab to give him indication that he on this tab, not the other one. How can I use that trigger?

The WHEN_TAB_PAGE_CHANGED event is a form level trigger that fires when the page is explicitly changed by mouse navigation and clicking. The trigger will not fire if the tab page is implicitly changed via tab movement or programmatic change. For example, the trigger will fire when the mouse or keyboard is used to navigate between tab pages, but the trigger will not fire if an end user presses [Next Item] (Tab) to navigate from one field to another field in the same block, but on different tab pages.

Here's an example (from Form Builder help) showing how to change a tab page's label to uppercase to indicate to the user they have navigated to that page.

  tp_nm   VARCHAR2(30);
  tp_id   TAB_PAGE;
  tp_lb   VARCHAR2(30);

  tp_nm := GET_CANVAS_PROPERTY('emp_cvs', topmost_tab_page);
  tp_id := FIND_TAB_PAGE(tp_nm);
  tp_lb := GET_TAB_PAGE_PROPERTY(tp_id, label);

  IF tp_lb LIKE 'Sa%' THEN
    SET_TAB_PAGE_PROPERTY(tp_id, label, 'SALARY');
  ELSIF tp_lb LIKE 'Va%' THEN
    SET_TAB_PAGE_PROPERTY(tp_id, label, 'VACATION');
  ELSE null;

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