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Using exp and imp for Oracle Database when switching platforms

Database Design and Architecture expert Brian Peasland answers a reader's question about importing a dump of an Oracle Database from a previous Windows machine to a Linux machine.

Initially I had my Oracle 9i database on a Windows XP machine. I need to establish this particular database in Linux AS4 (Redhat) OS. I have configured the Oracle Database in the Linux machine. Can I import a dump from the previous Windows machine to this Linux machine and establish the database, or do I need to follow extra steps?
Since you are switching platforms (Windows to Linux), you will want to use exp and imp to perform the move. Perform a FULL export of your 9i database on Windows with exp. Then FTP the dump file (in BINARY mode!) to the Linux server. Precreate an empty database on the Linux server. Also precreate any tablespaces you'll need. Then perform a full import. It's as simple as that!

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