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Using a single box for Oracle Financials

I am implementing Oracle Financials 11i and I am concerned about some of the things we are doing. Can we have just one box and, after the implementation, get another box for test? To my understanding, patching is a continual process and we will need at least two environments during the implementation phase. Another thing, we only have two volumes to spread the data, indexes, redo logs, etc. I am a DBA and thought I had to have data, indexes, redolog and mirror redo logs on separate disks.

Can we get by with only one box for the 11i Financials implementation and get a test box after the implementation is done? What is the disk layout for Oracle Financial 11i?
Having a single box is not a good idea. The installation guide is available on-line, the generic guide is Oracle Applications, Installing Oracle Applications Part B102451, with revisions for whichever release level you go to.

For instance, I remember discussing patching and configuration management issues with a consultant after a disaster. They were two weeks before cutover (to the new system) and someone decided to implement a patch without doing a full backup first. The project manager felt they were "too busy" to do the backup. Sometimes patches have unpredictable results -- and in this case, it did. It was an AR patch which failed, in a really freaky way, wiped out the accounting structure and set the project back weeks.

Patching is not the only issue in whether you have one, two, three or more instances. If you have any custom development work, you will want to test it before adding it to what will be your production instance.

If you are starting a new implementation, at some point you will want to start training your users. You will not want to train them on the same instance that you are building for production.

Also, you will probably want a separate box for the Oracle Application Server (which performs the browser interface).

If you use Rapid_install, the install will create your structure for you.

From the applications manual:

Table A–4 Production database size requirements
Mount Point            Files                            Size
DATA_TOP (sys)         Control file 1 (cntrl01.dbf) 9.04 GB
                       Rollback data file (rbs01.dbf)
                       System data files (systemnn.dbf)
                       Temp data file (temp01.dbf)
                       Web package data file (owa01.dbf)

DATA_TOP (logs)     Control file 2 (cntrl02.dbf)    .04 GB
            Group A log files (lognna.dbf)
            Group B log files (lognnb.dbf)

DATA_TOP (data)     Control file 3 (cntrl03.dbf)    5.80 GB
            interMedia server data file (ctxd01.dbf)
            Applications product data tablespace files (
            Portal data file (portal01.dbf)

DATA_TOP (index)    Applications product index  6.00 GB
            tablespace files (


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