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Using SYS for export

In your response titled "Upgrading with exp/imp," isn't the problem really that the person shouldn't have used SYS for export?

In your response titled " Upgrading with exp/imp," isn't the problem really that the person shouldn't have used SYS for export?
I am not a fan of exporting as the SYS user and I, personally, do not use SYS, but it can be done, and there are very special circumstances where you may need to perform an export as SYS. As well, you will find that some DBAs do, in fact, export their databases as the SYS user. It's difficult to say what's happened in this case without reviewing an import log file. It is possible that not all objects were imported for some reason (space issues, etc.) or grants/privileges are missing. My first check would be to make sure that all objects were imported, so I would compare object counts between the source and the target. Second, if all objects were imported successfully, I would check that all grants and privileges came across in the import. The root cause may, in fact, be importing as SYS, but some basic checks should be performed first.
This was last published in December 2006

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