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Using SSADM and DSDM for rapid application development

Can I use SSADM techniques with DSDM, and will it suitable for rapid application development?

SSADM and DSDM are two methodologies that are for the most part polaric opposites.

SSADM (Structured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology) is based on the traditional Structured Programming techniques. It uses a formal design process that is a direct descendant of the "waterfall" methodologies. This process tends to be relatively slow, but because the process tends to be exhaustive in both finding and debating every reasonable need, the results tend to be large and cumbersome, but thorough.

DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Method) is based on RAD. Most of the DSDM implementations I've seen approach the "data cowboy" attitude of consultants who are brought in to do one application, who are secure in the knowledge that they'll never have to maintain it. DSDM usually produces results fairly quickly that closely mirror the immediate desires of the user, but sometimes the resulting applications don't fare well over time.

While it might be possible to use both methodologies in a single project, I can't imagine how it might be done. This is something that I'd love to watch, but only from a safe distance!

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