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Using RMAN to restore, but not back up data

If I perform a hot or cold database backup without using RMAN, and if I'm not using an RMAN repository, can I use RMAM to automate the restoration of a database file or tablespace? Currently, I am using using the "alter tablespace...begin|end backup" command to backup my database to a tape drive using ufsdump within a shell script. If I need to recover a tablespace file, is it possible to take the tablespace offline, restore the data files using ufsrestore, then run an RMAN script file to recover the tablespace? I haven't been using RMAN because I don't use Veritas or Legato media management software, nor do I have the storage to perform a disk-to-disk backup through RMAN.

If you perform your own hot or cold backup, then RMAN cannot be used to perform your recovery. Since you did the backup manually (without RMAN), you must perform the recovery manually.

RMAN has many benefits. One of those is being able to interface with Veritas or Legato. But it has other backups as well. One of them is the ability to automate your restores of your backups. I would highly recommend that you investigate RMAN further.

Right now, you are writing files to tape. You should be able to do the same with RMAN. RMAN can write to direct attached tape drives. So you do not have to back up directly to disk.

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