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Using Oracle's Heterogeneous Services

How can I implement Oracle's Heterogeneous Services to connect to SQL Server through ODBC and query the data through a database link?
Did you look in the Oracle documentation for Heterogeneous Services? If you've been reading my blog, you would know that I believe it is important for Oracle professionals to read the Oracle documentation.

The Oracle 10g Database Heterogeneous Connectivity Administrator's Guide contains step-by-step instructions on...

how to perform this action. Specifically, Chapter 4: Using Heterogeneous Service (HS) Agents details the information you seek. Your steps are as follows:

  1. Configure your TNSNAMES.ORA to point to a HS agent.
  2. Configure the listener.
  3. Create the database link.
  4. Test the database link.
You may have to configure some initialization parameters as well.
This was last published in May 2005

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