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Using OEM tool to administer the Oracle 7.3

Can I use OEM tool to administer the Oracle 7.3 database? If yes then tell me one more thing. Currently, we're using Unix crontab utility to run time base procedure. Through OEM, can I use DBMS job utility to monitor all happennings of database?
Whether or not you can use OEM to administer an Oracle 7 database depends on which version of OEM you are using. The Oracle9i version of OEM cannot connect to an Oracle 7 database. But earlier versions don't have that same problem. So use the proper version and you will be able to connect.

Through OEM, you can set up jobs to run at certain times against the database. However, DBMS_JOBS did not appear until Oracle 8. So you will not be able to use that in Oracle 7. Personally, I'd upgrade to Oracle9i and you will have all of the functionality that you desire.

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