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Using Forms10g apps to automate the testing

We would like to use some testing tools for Forms10g application to automate the testing process and for performance/load testing. The DBMS is Oracle 10g and the operating system is Windows 2000. When we tried using Rational Robot, we've found that it's not differentiating individual forms components, most of the things (e.g. push buttons) are recognized as a Java component. Are there any testing tools available in the market that will support three-tier oracle Forms10g environment?
Testing at the Web tier can be hard. Since you are using Oracle Forms you can not embed much in the way of testing stems. However, Oracle Form is based on Java and some of the Java Web-Tier testing tools will work (to varying degrees). Most will require some peeking at the page source. I would first try JMeter and for more detailed testing look at httpUnit, which is a part of JUnit. The advantage of JMeter is that one you develop your test and implement them, and you can spawn multiple users during the test from one console.

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