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Using CASE to change SELECT column values

I want to select a different set of values in the QMF report screen for some set of values in the database. If...

the value stored in the Column is "A" I want to show it as "B". How can I do this in a single SELECT query? Basically I want to put this logic in the QMF query:

If "select column_name" = "A"
   display "B"
If "select column_name" = "C"
   display "D"

You want a CASE structure, of which there are two varieties.

The searched-when-clause syntax is:

     when column_name = 'A' then 'B'
     when column_name = 'C' then 'D'
     else null
   end as column_name
 from yourtable

The simple-when-clause syntax is:

   case column_name
     when 'A' then 'B'
     when 'C' then 'D'
     else null
   end as column_name
 from yourtable

The ELSE clause is optional, and defaults to NULL, but it's a good idea to code ELSE NULL anyway. You could also assign some other expression in the ELSE clause, such as column_name, i.e. specify the same column, to leave it unchanged if it doesn't meet any of the conditions. Finally, I usually assign a column alias that is the same as the original column name, but you are free to call it anything you like, e.g. changed_column.

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This was last published in September 2002

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