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Using AUM to transition SQL from 8i to 9i

I will be moving from Oracle 8i to 9i (9.2), and I'd like to take advantage of AUM. I have several SQLs that reference specific rbs during inserts (100k rows to 1,000k rows) using set transaction use. How do I transistion the SQL from 8i to 9i? Also, how do I estimate size of undo_tbs and time for undo_retention prior to creation of the 9i database based on my 8i database?
When Oracle 9.0.1 was first introduced, people wanted to use Automated Undo. It is a great feature and I use it in all of my 9i and 10g databases. However, if the application used a SET TRANSACTION USE ROLLBACK SEGMENT command, the command would raise an exception. In many cases, the application was difficult or impossible to change. Oracle Corp recognized this limitation and introduced the UNDO_SUPPRESS_ERRORS initialization parameter. The default value is FALSE. But if you set it to TRUE, then setting a rollback segment in your transaction will have the exception suppressed.

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