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Using 8i and 9i on the same machine

Recently we installed 9i on our 8i server. I want to migrate just one database to 9i, and still keep the rest of the databases in 8i. I can access all the 8i databases, but when I tried to use the IMP command to restore any of the 8i databases, I get the protocal adapter error. So I had to uninstall 9i and then do the restore, and then install 9i again and do the migration. Is there any way that I can use 8i and 9i in the same machine without interupting each other?

If your environment is set up to use the Oracle 8i ORACLE_HOME, then in order to connect SQL*Plus, exp, or any other tool to the 9i database, you'll have to set up a TNS alias to point to that instance and use the TNS alias in your connect string. In your 8i ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/tnsnames.ora file, add a TNS entry for the 9i database. We'll call that entry "ora9i" for this example. Then, when specifying the username in exp, you'll also specify the TNS alias as follows:

 exp userid=system@ora9i .....

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