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User interface options when linking or moving to Oracle

I have a customer interested in the Oracle Standard One 10g. They are a small company (50 employees) who hope to grow, but they use Filemaker Pro almost exclusively (they think MS Access is too difficult to learn). What would you recommend as a user interface (some queries, some update forms, no Web) if they did move to Oracle? Or should they keep their Filemaker stuff and link it to Oracle via ODBC?
You can link virtually any platform to Oracle via ODBC. Depending on their FileMaker application, a link of tables in Oracle through ODBC may work great. But in some cases, it doesn't work so well. Use the latest ODBC drivers from Oracle and hopefully it will all work well for you.

But I would prefer a more centralized application platform. And this typically means Web or application servers between the client and the database. A central point of administration can make this a very attractive option. But it may be hard to re-engineer an existing solution.

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