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Upgrading on a production server

I am working as a DBA on a production server and we are using, so I would like to upgrade. Can I upgrade to 9i or 10g, and can I convert it into RAC?

I am working as a DBA on a production server and we are using, so I would like to upgrade. First I'll tell you about the system configuration and OS. We are using TRU64 UNIX with clusters we have two nodes, one active and another passive. The machine configuration is as follows:

Operating System: Digital UNIX V4.0F (Rev. 1229)
System Type: AlphaServer ES40 DEC6600
Number of CPUs: 1 Type: EV6 (21264) Speed: 500 Mhz Cache: 4.0 MB
Memory size: 1024 MB
System Version
Operating system name and version (uname -a):
OSF1 moeduc1 V4.0 1229 alpha
The running kernel file name is /vmunix.
Digital UNIX V4.0F (Rev. 1229); Sun Jan 18 15:30:43 GMT+0300 2004

The question is, can I upgrade to 9i or 10g on this machine, and can I convert it into RAC? Give me suggestions please.

This is one of those "it depends" answers since I don't have specific information about available disk space and memory utilization. The best place for information on Oracle installation and upgrading is to go to Oracle's Technology Network Web site. The official documentation provides you with operating system requirements prior to installation and also has excellent information on migrating and upgrading.

With respect to your question about RAC, you will need shared disk to be able to run RAC as I'm assuming you are thinking of having one instance on each node of your cluster. The disk must be shared between the two nodes so that both instances can write to the database. I'm not sure if your cluster configuration would support this – you would have to confirm this. A better question would be to ask why you think you need RAC? Is there a business need for high availability? Will the additional cost to purchasing RAC be worth it? If so, then you should pursue RAC as a solution to enhance your database and business needs.

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