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Upgrading from 8.1.6 to 9.2

I would like to get opinion about a database upgrade. My database version is 8.1.6, and we plan to upgrade to 9.2. Since there is no direct path upgrade available from 8.1.6 to 9.2, I have to first upgrade to either 8.1.7 or 9.0.1 and then finally to 9.2. At present, I am thinking of using manual upgrade, which means running u00xxx.sql scripts and following the documented procedure. Here is my question: is there any suggestion for reducing the time to upgrade? In my case, I have to run two upgrade scripts (u0801060.sql and u090xxx.sql) and I guess each scipt runs catalog and catproc. Would it be possible to run catalog and catproc only once?

You are correct that you will have to perform a two step upgrade. If I had to perform this upgrade scenario, then I'd use the manual upgrade as well, which as you've stated means running the to upgrade scripts. Unfortunately, you have to run both of these scripts to completion otherwise you could run into complications. A knowledgable person could hack these two scripts to speed up the upgrade time, but if you ran into problems, you would be on your own. Oracle Support would be relucant to help you since you deviated from the approved upgrade path.

I would suggest running one upgrade script in one environment and then switching to the newest 9i environment and running the final upgrade script. If you do this back to back, you can minimize your downtime. And as always, take a backup before and after your upgrade, just in case.

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This was last published in August 2003

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