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Upgrading a database with locally managed tablespaces

You recently had a question about upgrading a database with locally managed tablespaces and ASSM to Oracle Please warn the user who asked this question that this version has a bug in this combination in version that gives rise to spurious data or index corruption errors. It is probably fixed in 10, but it's been giving me fits on my system (this version on HP-UX). The errors are intermittent and appear to be data-related, but they are severe enough that I'm using manual segment space management until I get version 10.
Thanks for the tip. Since you offer that the issue may be data-related (and I haven't seen such issues in the HPUX environments I've worked on), I would still suggest that ASSM is a good feature to use. If there are bugs, file them, raise their priority and get them addressed. You may also want to consider upgrading to since that release would be more likely to be patched if a backport is required.

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