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Upgrading Oracle 9i release 1 ( on Windows 2000 server to release 2 (

We are presently running Oracle 9i release 1 ( on Windows 2000 server. I upgraded the Oracle software to release 2 ( by using the OUI version 2.2. I did the installation in the same Oracle home as we are using for release 1 ('e:oracleOra91').

After the uprade I started the Oracle listener and Oracle service from the computer management services, and they started successfully. But when I try to use the Oracle data migration assitant to upgrade the database, I receive this error: "ORA-01034:ORACLE not available."

After this, when I tried to check the Oracle service using Net Manager to test the service, I still get the same error message. I checked the configuration settings in the tnsnames.ora,listener.ora file, and it contains all the information correctly.

When I tried the same scenario again, I upgraded the Oracle software into different Oracle home. When I did this it was successful. But, accoring to my management, I have to upgrade the software in the same Oracle home because even we don't have enough space on the disk.

Please suggest me the best way of performing this upgrade.

I'm not sure why you're having problems. Why not just deinstall the non-working ORACLE_HOME? Then everyone would be happy, no?

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