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Upgrading Oracle 8i to 9i on same server

I need to upgrade Oracle 8i to 9i on the same server by full database export, but 8i should still be there after upgrade.

I need to upgrade Oracle 8i to 9i on the same server by full database export. But 8i should be there after upgrade. What are the precautions I have to take? I have installed the 9i software. It's upgrading the inventory of 8i. Is that fine or do I have to take some steps on that by keeping separate inventory for 9i?

When you install new Oracle database software (Oracle8i and above), it will create a global inventory or update the existing inventory. So, yes, it is fine that the inventory is being updated since you should only have one global inventory per server.

If I understand your migration plan correctly, you have an existing Oracle8i database that you want to export and then import into an Oracle9i database. You are correct, after the migration is completed you will have two databases on that server -- one will be Oracle8i and the other 9i. You will want to ensure that your server has the resources (disk, memory) to allow both databases to run for a short time during the migration.

The procedure you would follow is essentially this:

  • Create a starter 9i database with the same application tablespaces created as your existing Oracle8i database.
  • Export the Oracle8i database.
  • Import the Oracle8i database into the newly created 9i database.

You will want the SID for this new 9i database to be different from the Oracle8i database. You will likely also have to modify the listener.ora file and restart the listener so that it allows connections to your Oracle9i database and disallows connections to the Oracle8i database. Finally, you will want to modify the tnsnames.ora file both on the server and any client machines that will be connecting to the new 9i database.

The good thing about migrating a database with this approach is that you can easily back out the migration if any problems arise; however, I hope you are planning to perform and test this migration in a non-production environment before attempting this in production. Time spent testing is never wasted!

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