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Upgrading HPUX Oracle

I want to upgrade my HPUX Oracle ORACLE_HOME to The problem is when I run the OUI (version it doesn't find the ORACLE_HOME and lists the database install under 'Independant Products'.

Is there anyway of reinstating the ORACLE_HOME information into the oraInventory files? Or will I have to uninstall/reinstall the base product?

I have not found any way to repair the oraInventory when it gets corrupted unless you have an identical set of installations on another system that uses the exact same file layout (same platform, same patches, etc.). Without that, I think you're left with reinstalling. You may want to consider this alternate approach:

  • Back up your current oraInventory (incase this plan fails)
  • Remove/rename the oraInventory directory
  • Install 9.2.0.x and the patchset to a new ORACLE_HOME
  • upgrade your database by shutting it ( down, changing that database's ORACLE_HOME to the new ORACLE_HOME you installed ( and following the upgrade steps (catpatch.sql, etc.)
  • Remove the ORACLE_HOME using operating system commands since it is no longer registered in any oraInventory

That may get you to your desired end result without having to reinstall very much and also will minimize the downtime to the database.

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