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Upgrade to Release 5 Grid Control on Linux or Unix

I am having issues with my Grid Control server and want to upgrade to Release 5 Grid Control. Do you recommend first installing Release 1 on the new systems or upgrading to Release 2 and then migrating the data?

I am currently using Oracle 10g Release 1. I have two 11.11 Unix servers, one for Grid Control and one for the database. I am also using a Windows 2003 Server to develop Forms and Reports so users can log in via the Web. Our Unix systems are obsolete and I need to order new hardware.

Also I am having issues with the Grid Control server and have been advised to upgrade to Release 5 Grid Control. Since I need to order new equipment anyway, can you recommend a solution? I could just as easily order Linux as Unix. Do you recommend first installing Release 1 on the new systems or upgrading to Release 2 and then migrating the data? Also could I just install Oracle Grid Release 5 and not have to order the four prior releases I'm missing? Thanks so much.

Linux is definitely becoming more attractive among large corporations and Oracle is even providing Linux OS support, so this is encouraging should you choose to move to this platform from HP-UX. I am a big fan of Linux but you need to think about other factors such as OS support and training within your organization. If your Unix support team is trained only on HP-UX, they will require some Linux training and extra time to get up to speed. As well, if you decide to go to Linux, be sure to include in your migration plan additional time to test both the database and applications thoroughly. Linux is a different operating system so applications may behave differently.

For more information on Oracle and Linux, visit the Linux Technology Center on OTN.

With reference to your other question about upgrading Grid Control, because you have not provided details with respect to what the issues are, I would say that it's usually best to resolve the problem prior to migrating to completely new hardware. If you should upgrade to resolve the problems, I would be inclined to do that first and then plan a migration project to move to either new HP-UX or Linux operating systems.

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