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Upgrade gotchas

We are researching upgrading to a 10g for database and developer tools. The database is currently 8.0.6 and we use Oracle Forms; Oracle Reports; and precompile Pro*C/COBOL programs with the environment. There appears to be quite a bit of information on the database upgrade. I am looking for Forms and Reports data as well as Pro*C and Pro*COBOL. The platform is currently AIX 4.3.3 ML11 and we will be upgrading to AIX 5.2.5 prior to the database upgrade. Are you aware of good reference materials? Are there any land mines I should be concerned with? Is this possible? Would going to 6i or 9i for Developer be an option if 10g is not?
The biggest concern I would have for this undertaking is the application using precompilers. While your Forms and Reports versions are also quite dated, there is a migration tool that can be used to upgrade them. The applications relying on a precompiler may likely see their API interfaces change (possibly multiple times) between 8.0.4 and 10.1.0. Don't get me wrong, the other components pose some significant risks as well, but any problems found with them should be easily addressed.

With so many changes to be made at once, testing will be the most important part of your project. The desired environment will need to be created and tested thoroughly by the end users of the application(s). Additionally, if all functionality tests out fine, some load testing should be conducted on both the current (for a baseline comparison) and new/test versions. It is certain that some of the SQL statements will have very different execution plans and some of them may not perform well.

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