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Upgrade OS or database first?

What should be the first step, to upgrade our OS and then upgrade the database, or vice versa?

We are planning to upgrade our OS from AIX 5.2 to AIX 5.3 and at the same time, we want to upgrade our Oracle 8i databases to Oracle Here is my question: What should be the first step, to upgrade the OS and then upgrade the database, or would it be the reverse way? Thank you.
According to Oracle's Certification Matrix, it would appear that Oracle8i on AIX 5.2 is not supported or certified. In this case, I would be inclined to first upgrade the database to Oracle9i release 2 ( is the latest release). Upgrading the operating system to yet a newer release might be asking for trouble with the existing Oracle8i database.

After the database is upgraded to 9.2 and has been stable for some time, I would then consider upgrading the operating system to AIX 5.3. Remember to take a full system backup, if possible, before you perform either of these upgrades. Also, after upgrading your operating system, remember to relink the Oracle9i binaries. Of essential importance is testing this upgrade in a non-production environment. This testing does not just include the actual upgrade, but also thoroughly testing all applications that rely on this Oracle database.

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