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Updating an open cursor

Is there a way to update a cursor that you have open as part of a loop? I have the following piece of code in my PL/SQL:

cursor mycursor is select col1, col2 from mytable;
new_val number(1);

for myrow in mycursor loop
   --get value that you want to feed into field 2
   select x into new_val
     from other_table
     where field1 = myrow.field1;
   --now put the value into myrow.field2
Here is where the problem lies. I know that I can use an update statement with where clause to update mytable directly, but can I use something of the form:
myrow.field2 := new_val
? I think the answer is no since I would be changing a column which is part of an open cursor, but I am not sure.

It sounds like what you may need to re-evaluate how you're doing your processing in general. If you're selecting every row from mytable and then taking a column in mytable and using it to retrieve a value from other_table, why use a cursor at all? You are doing way too much work when you could accomplish what you want to do with a single update statement as follows:

UPDATE mytable 
   SET field2 = (SELECT x FROM other_table WHERE field1 = mytable.field1) ;

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