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Updating all forms with a new server path

We have up to 500 Oracle Forms v5 that have the server path and name hardcoded in. As the server will be changed...

next year, we need to find a way of updating all the forms. We accept that it was bad practice to hardcode in the first place, so for the more recent ones, we have been using global variables. Is there an easy way of updating all the older forms in batch mode, rather than having to go into each one and updating manually? I don't know of any other way, or any software that does this, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

The official way to do that what you want is using the Forms API which allows you to write programs in C which manipulate, save and generate screens. I've seen this used a few times in Forms 6 to make simple changes in multiple modules. The forms API is well documented by Oracle. I believe the API is on a normal developer CD and you can download a Forms API development kit from Oracle as well as documentation (with examples how to solve some tasks).

You could also convert all the .fmb files to .fmt and parse the .fmt files looking for the specific server path and name you wish to change. Once it's located, you could try changing it and then converting the .fmt files back to .fmb OR you could simply create a list of where the hard-coded values are located and then manually change them knowing that you have a complete list.

In the end, I'd check out the Forms API... I think that will likely be the quickest and safest way to do what you want.

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This was last published in February 2003

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