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Uninstalling Oracle9i on Solaris

How do I uninstall Oracle9i on a Solaris box? How do I ensure Oracle9i is working fine?

During final installation, I got a message like "unable run makefile..." and prompted to cancel, retry or ignore. What is this message from? Is it ok to ignore these errors?
You use the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) to deinstall Oracle. On Solaris, and any other Unix-based platform, if you have just a single ORACLE_HOME, I would deinstall it by just removing all the Oracle software. That involves removing the ORACLE_HOME location, the ORACLE_BASE location (and all their subdirectories), /usr/local/bin/dbhome, /usr/local/bin/oraenv, /usr/local/bin/coraenv, and the /var/opt/oracle directory. Those locations should contain all the software that Oracle placed on your system during the installation. If you have multiple ORACLE_HOMEs on the system that share one inventory, you should use OUI to deinstall the software that you want to remove.

Usually, if you followed the installation guide and configured all the system parameters properly (like shared memory and semaphores on Solaris), configured the Oracle software owner account properly with the right environment, and don't receive any errors during installation, Oracle is installed properly. If any of those steps return errors, then you've got a problem that needs to be investigated further.

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