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Understanding VMware server licensing in Oracle Database EE

Learn how VMware server licensing in Oracle Database EE works, including how to determine the number of processor licenses, in this expert tip.

How does Oracle licensing work on the VMware server? For example, I have a VMware Server with 10 CPU. I have created a database server with 2 CPU and installed Oracle Database EE. Do I need to buy Oracle license for 2 CPU or 10 CPU?
Assuming the 2 CPUs are a segment of the overall 10 CPUs, in order to be adequately licensed you would need to determine how many Oracle equivalent processors your 10 CPUs are. Oracle licenses by per core/processor count based on servers and it would depend on how many cores (single core versus multi-core). However, if any or all have multi-core processors, you would also need to know what processor is being used and the conversion factor for Oracle Database EE licensing.You would need anywhere from 3 processor licenses (at minimum) to 10 or more processor licenses (dependent on how many cores and the conversion factors).

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