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Unable to run agent configuration tool

I am unable to run the Agent configuration tool successfully while trying to install Oracle RDBMS on RedHat Linux Advanced Server 3. (I was, however, able to configure the database and start the database). Installation was done as suggested by Oracle DocIDs 201370.1 (updated 4/1/2004) and 252217.1 (updated 4/13/2004). I also applied bug patch 3006854 as suggested in the documnents referred to above.

I checked the relink_agent.log. It appears that the OEM agent fails to relink with error: undefined reference to '__ctype_b'.

What is the best way to resolve this issue?
It looks like Metalink NOTE 262166.1 (updated 5/7/04) may be right on target for your issue. According to the note, the problems appear to be caused by bugs in the relinking script in combination with other software bugs related to the agent. The note explains some manual changes you need to make to the relinking script and three bug fixes you need to apply in order to repair the problem. There's also a complete list of the errors there so you can compare and see if it matches your symptoms closely.

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