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Unable to log to sqlplus

I'm using Oracle 7 on an AIX server with Unix. I can no longer log into sqlplus, regardless of the account I Use. After typing the user ID and password, sqlplus apparently hangs. No message or prompts appear. If I hit Ctrl+C (twice) I'm taken back to the Unix prompt.

This is how it apparently started:

I ran CATPROC.SQL while logged to sqlplus as SYSTEM instead of SYS (I don't know whether this matters).

The script started to execute showing messages, then it stopped showing messages but didn't terminate (no prompt).

After, say, 10' of seeing no messages and no prompt, I broke it with Ctrl+C. Since then, I cannot log on to sqlplus anymore.

In Oracle 7, you will want to use SVRMGRL to fix your problem. Sign on to the database server as the 'oracle' Unix account. Then type the following:

connect internal

At this point, you will want to drop the objects now owned by SYSTEM that were created when you ran CATALOG. This is most likely the cause of your problem. Once that is done, rerun CATALOG. Connecting as INTERNAL is the same as connecting as SYS, so you can run the CATALOG.SQL script. This should fix your problem.

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