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Unable to access table to read data

I need to read data from a table and insert it into a comma delimited text file (with 'n' as the delimeter for each row). As a normal user, I am not able to do this. I try to use UTL_FILE.FOPEN, but it was saying 'Invalid directory.' Then I put an entry in Init.ora file for UTL_FILE_DIR. It was showing in my initial parameter list for Oracle. But it was giving me an invalid operation error (fileHandler := UTL_FILE.FOPEN('/tmp', 'test_file.txt', 'W');). I do not have DBA access. I should be able to do this only with a normal user like scott. Can you please help me?
If you have the init.ora parameter utl_file_dir = /tmp set, then I don't see why your operation won't work. The documentation provides good examples of how to use UTL_FILE, so I'd review those too. If you want more detailed help, you need to provide more detailed error messages. You do not need DBA access to use UTL_FILE, but you may need DBA access to check or change the setting for utl_file_dir in the init.ora file.
This was last published in November 2004

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