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I want know if UTL_SMTP package is better than UTL_TCP package when it comes to sending e-mail from PL/SQL. I have an e-mail server MS Exchange 2000 over Windows 2000 and I want to send e-mail into a process load of a legacy application to Oracle CRM tables.

In addition, I want know if SQL*Loader is recommended to load data from flat file as opposed to UTL_FILE package.
With respect to UTL_SMTP vs. UTL_TCP, both have their limitations. Depending on what exactly you want to do; for instance UTL_SMPT has the restriction of not being able to process attachment files. In addition, UTL_SMPT is just for sending e-mails and not receiving them. It sits on top of UTL_TCP; on the other hand UTL_TCP will let you interface with POP3 type mail servers.

With respect to UTL_FILE vs. SQL*Loader, again depends on what exactly you are trying to do.

SQL*Loader is a CPU-intensive utility and it is much faster than UTL_FILE; pre-Oracle9 days, UTL_FILE required a parameter UTL_FILE_DIR in the initialization file that would require a restart of the instance. But starting with Release 2 of Oracle9, you can dynamically allocate directories using the CREATE DIRECTORY command in the database without requiring a shutdown of the database.

For small scale I/Os UTL_FILE can be used as it gives you more programming flexibility.

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