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UTL_File to read directories on client machines

We have a centralized database. Up until now we have used utl_file. We put all our interface files on the server and access the files from the server at our centralized place. But our data is huge so we want to put those files on user machines, local machines and read from there. Is it possible? These files get created through PL/SQL and similarly read through PL/SQL package. We are using oracle 9.2.0 on a Win2k box.
I am afraid UTL_FILE can only read server side directories and cannot read directories in client machines – unless you want to install local oracle instances on each machine (and that is not a wise solution either). A better option will be to use the CREATE EXTERNAL feature tables that uses SQL*LOADER and can read from flat files. The external tables can also be used in your SQL statements. Secondly keep in mind, UTL_FILE is going away and CREATE DIRECTORY is the way to go.

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