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UNION of two Oracle 8i views with CLOBs

Is it possible to do a UNION of two Oracles 8i views where there is CLOB fields involved?

Let's look at a simple example. I have two tables with a CLOB column:

ORA9I SQL> select * from test1;

        ID VAL
---------- --------------------
         1 one clob
         2 two clob

ORA9I SQL> desc test2
 Name                 Null?   Type
 -------------------- ------  -----------
 ID                           NUMBER
 VAL                          CLOB

ORA9I SQL> select * from test2;

        ID VAL
---------- --------------------
         3 three clob
         4 four clob
When I try to use the UNION operator on these two tables, I get an error.
ORA9I SQL> select val from test1
  2  union
  3  select val from test2;
select val from test1
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes
So you can't just natively use the UNION operator on the CLOB columns. But you can convert to a character datatype and use the UNION clause.
ORA9I SQL> select to_char(val) from test1
  2  union
  3  select to_char(val) from test2;

four clob
one clob
three clob
two clob

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