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Troubleshooting wait times when app logs all users in with 'AAAA'

We have an Oracle database application written that no matter what user logs in, the application uses 1 user account, for example userid "AAAA", to log into the database. Some of the users have noticed a wait time after they hit enter. Since all users are logged in as AAAA, it is hard for us to pinpoint what that exact person waiting is running in the background. Are there any queries that could tell us STATUS, USER, IP type information to see if they are waiting in a queue, since all users are AAAA?

Many applications, especially Web applications, use one single application login to access database tables. This can make it very hard for the DBA to diagnose problems when all connected users look like the same person. To help you in determining who is who, have a look at V$SESSION, particularly the OSUSER, MACHINE, and TERMINAL columns. This can help you identify the specific user. Other columns can be populated with the use of the Oracle supplied DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO package, but you'll need to be able to modify your application to use it.

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