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Trouble with database links

I had two instances set up on a Sun 450 server, with one as the master and one as the snapshot database. They were...

set up as follows.

 DB1 - master			DB2 - snapshot
 db_name = db1			db_name = db2
 db_domain = te.com		db_domain = te.com
 instance_name = db1		instance_name = db2
 service_names = db1.te.com	service_names =
 global_names = TRUE		global_names = TRUE
I was able to set up replication, using refresh groups and all was working fine. When I created a database link, I would check with
and find the DB_LINK column was link_name.te.com. This was true in both instances and communication worked both ways.

We got a second Sun 450, so I re-created DB1 on that server, all parameters the same. When I went to reset replication, everytime I made a database link, the DB_LINK comes in as link_name.world. There is no sqlnet.ora file in use. The listener.ora file is very plain and tnsnames.ora has entries of the form;

 DB1 =
     (ADDRESS = 
       (PROTOCOL = TCP)
       (HOST = ds2.matchlogic.com)
       (PORT = 1521)
       (SID = whsp)
What is causing the database links to be created differently and stopping my replication?

The difference lies in your DB_DOMAIN parameter. It defauls to ".world". You will want to make sure that this is set correctly for your environment.

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This was last published in June 2002

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