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Trouble inserting large CLOB

I get an insufficient privileges message ("ORA-01031: insufficient privileges") when attempting an insert on a table with a CLOB column. When inserting a value using SQL*Plus, it works fine. When setting CLOB column to null it works fine too. But when inserting a bigger CLOB through an application, I get an error. My suspicion is the insert with a CLOB may have some privilege constraint depending on its size. Is there such privilege in Oracle?
Your problem is not related to the size of the CLOB value. There is no object or system privilege that let's you insert small CLOB values but stops you from inserting larger CLOB values. Rather, it is more likely that your application connects as a different user than you did with SQL*Plus. The application connection does not have the appropriate privileges to be inserting anything to the CLOB column of the table.
This was last published in May 2004

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