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Triggers to encrypt/decrypt code

I am a DBA (13 years). My task is to encrypt data in an Oracle database. I have read a lot on Oracle's obfuscation toolkit (9i). I have seen sample procedures. I am confused about a few things. I assume that triggers are used to execute the encrypt/decript code. How do I determine what the size, of the column to be encrypted, should be? I know that it must be a multiple of 8. What is the difference in column size when using 56-bit and 128-bit encryption? Is it possible to use indexes containing encrypted data? How so? Where can I find information on how to tune when using Oracle's OBTK?

Triggers will only help in encrypting data, no decrypting. To decrypt, you can store the logic in functions, procedures, or in the application code itself. In any case, you want to take great care of your encryption keys. I have a white paper titled "DBMS_OBFUSCATION_TOOLKIT Key Security" that addresses this issue on my Web site.

It is possible to index an encrypted column. I've done that very thing at my shop. But I had to do one of two things, either search for the encrypted form of the value, or write a function based index on that column and use a decrypt function in the index to match the decrypt function in my SQL statement.

Tuning SQL statements that use the OBTK is no different than tuning other SQL statements. The same principles apply.

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