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Translating Oracle SQL to Microsoft SQL

Do you know where I can find help in translating Oracle SQL queries to MSSQL queries?

The whole idea behind a SQL "standard" is that vendors will follow it and SQL will be portable. If SQL really is that abstraction layer between us and the guts of the DBMS, it shouldn't matter what's on the back end. As you already know, vendor implementation of SQL can vary quite a bit. Even so, moving from Oracle's SQL to SQL Server's SQL shouldn't be too hard of a jump. Major differences include that fact that SQL Server supports different data types than Oracle. Also, data type conversion functions are very different, unless you are using the standard SQL CAST syntax. SQL Server has Identity columns where Oracle has Sequences. SQL Server has supported SQL-92 style joins for a while; Oracle's 9i now supports them. If you've used the (+) outer join syntax of Oracle, you will need to rewrite them. About a year ago, I found a good resource for SQL Server for those with an Oracle background. It is written by Microsoft, so you can expect it to be a little slanted. Also, it's a bit outdated, as Oracle9i wasn't out when it was published. It's published at http://www.microsoft.com/sql/techinfo/deployment/2000/MigrateOracle.asp.

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